Saturday, July 4, 2015

Dreams and messages.

From a dream several days ago. I suggest that if you’ve been getting messages/calls to action from Her, this may be a confirmation. Feel free to draw your own interpretations/conclusions.

I stood at the corner of the sidewalk, looking down at the crosswalk of a one lane road, which traveled to my left into the distance and the mountains. On the same side of this road that I stood, dark buildings crowded together and many people moved listlessly among them, mere shadows of themselves. 

On the far side of the road the sun shone on a meadow with a large tree nearby and woods farther away. Beneath the tree a woman was talking earnestly to a loose group of people. I could see the wariness and the intensity of their postures. This was not a unified group; it was several individuals with significant space between them.

My gaze was caught by a red leather-wrapped spear that lay in the crosswalk. I picked it up, thinking it must have been dropped by someone nearby. The crow feathers tied beneath the spearhead swung as I lifted it. I turned to the darkness of the milling people nearest me and asked if it belonged to anyone there. Blank stares and shaking heads were the only responses. I crossed the road and approached the people standing near the tree, intending to give it to whomever it belonged. As I drew closer I could hear the conversation more clearly.

“How do we know that it’s really the Morrigan speaking?” a man demanded of the earnest woman under the tree. “Where’s your proof?”

My grip tightened on the spear as HER presence took hold of me. “YOU WANT PROOF?” HER voice echoed across the meadow. “HERE’S YOUR ‘PROOF’!” The Raven flew over their heads, and as it passed over each individual, words poured from my mouth, delivering specific messages and instructions. When the last person received their message SHE left and I collapsed to the ground, still holding the spear and pressing my forehead against the earth.

“Thank you my Queen,” I whispered into the dust, and closed my eyes.

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