Thursday, March 14, 2013

Video blog 1

This is a test and a first attempt at figuring out the software. For my multilingual readers I will be putting a transcript here as well, probably next week as I'm out of town.

Hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fear of Success

What if you saw one of the purposes of your life and were afraid to pursue it, not because you might fail, but because of the changes success would bring? I can think of plenty of reasons not to try, most of which are actually only one: what if I'm not good enough? Funny enough, from a logical perspective I *am* so the fear is not "I can't," but "what if I do?"
Fear relies on lack of understanding and greater awareness. So as I sit here, I will analyze these fears and pay attention to one great truth:

Photo by @Muschelschloss

I am a Priestess of the Morrigan and I am a diplomat: I will reach out to as many as I can. Fear: am I treading the line of prostelyzing, which I (as many pagans) utterly depise? Answer: no, because I do not and will not make these claims: only one way for anything- not how She exists, not how to relate to Her, not what a devotee must do. Nothing bad happens to anyone based on my interpretations of Her desires. Fear: not educated enough. Answer: I will not ever stop learning. It is simply not possible to be educated in all areas so I will rely on my friends and fellows who are experts where I lack.  Fear: of being harmed. Answer: to me, it is better to take the punch than to flinch at every raised fist or cruel word. This is a warrior's path, regardless of the form the fight takes.

Why do I even bother to put myself out there?  It is the right action. It is for Love. Love for my Goddess, love for myself, my brothers and sisters in Her light, for what we can be and do together. It is my Call and when I look past the fear, I can see the immense joy that awaits. For those who are treading dark and difficult paths, I will build the hearth fire so they may find their way with Love.

I am Her priestess and I can be no one else.