Friday, February 1, 2013

The Parrot and the Girl: an experience with spirits and animals

A couple months ago I became friends with a wonderful woman who happens to be a Sensitive. During the course of one of our conversations (a long, meandering course it was) she spoke of feeling a presence in her bedroom. The house she owned only had this presence, that of a young girl, in that particular room which was a fully finished attic they had made into a very cozy and private bedroom. It was not a malicious presence in any way, but frequently waking up to the feeling of being watched was straining her nerves.

Later I meditated on this situation and was given instructions, which were simple for this case. When I went to her house to visit I brought few tools: tealight candles, athame, blessed herbal spray in lieu of incense. My friend has several parrots and while they have their own room, I didn't wish to bring anything to create smoke. We drank tea, visited with the birds and chatted for several hours until her husband mentioned he was going to bed soon, so we jumped up to accomplish the task. It was about midnight when we prepared the tiny ritual. She was unfamiliar with such things, another reason to keep it simple. I lit the five black candles, cleansed the room and cast a circle from within myself, using the expanding energy bubble technique. I had very little physical space to work in, so for the most part I simply sat on the floor surrounded by the small candles. Having cast the circle, the girl's presence was immediately clear. I relayed what I saw of her appearance to my friend, who concurred with her own prior observations. Then I spoke silently with this girl of about 8 or so, who told me that she hadn't meant to scare my friend, she was curious. After a few moments I cut the doorway with my athame; the girl shrank back nervously from the portal.  Suddenly the girl's mother appeared on the other side, kneeling on one knee with outstretched arms. The spirit rushed past me and disappeared in a burst of joy. I closed the opening and spent several more minutes working on the energies of the rest of the house.

I left feeling good but nervous, as this was the first crossing I had assisted where someone was present that didn't already know the process behind it. Essentially my doubts kept floating up, wondering if I had really "done" it. Knowing that if I hadn't, my friend would likely continue having unpleasant experiences. Several days later, I received a text from my friend:

"I think my chattering lory is repeating the conversation you had with the little ghost girl. All my hair is standing on end."

I spoke to her on the phone then, as she described the situation:

She had been in the birds' room cleaning a cage and not really paying any attention to their constant chatter when something one of them said caught her ear. She stopped and listened, and the parrot began to repeat it again as if on a recording loop. This particular parrot has several "voices" that he uses and for this he was using one that sounds like a little girl,

"No. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare her. No, I don't want to go. No, I'm scared. Oh my god, Mom! Hi Mom!"

We wondered then, how much some creatures are able to sense and be an active part of other realms of existence. Do you have a familiar, or have experienced an animal companion connecting with other beings?


  1. WHOA. All my hair standing on end, too. -Anna

  2. Such an interesting post, thank you for sharing! You had me on the edge of my seat :) And thank you kindly for linking to our shop. It was much appreciated.
    Wishing you a wonderful February!