Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Once upon a time, in a galaxy right here...

Where to start? Well, the beginning is usually a good place, they say. So what is the beginning? To me it is this: all is energy and all energy vibrates. Simple and complex. Everything about existence is an extension of the vibrational frequency of a given amount of energy.

I've had beliefs torn down more than once, so I decided to find my own rock of understanding from which to build my world view. That is where I started and have expanded upon. All things, being made of the same substance (energy or consciousness, depending on your view) are all accessible to one when the scope of this realization becomes manifest in awareness. It makes shamanic journeys, astral travel, all forms of psychic abilities possible.

However, being an admittedly limited expression of energy myself, I have no desire to master all those things available so I have, and will continue to, find the areas where I am most proficient. Where my own frequency resonates best I will be more likely able to help others. I've been quizzing my friends on this: what do they see in me? From an outside perspective, what is that I seem to be most associated with?

In general I'm a pretty positive person, outgoing and enjoy the company of others. I prefer to wear jewel tones and black- they look best with my coloring- and have a lightly gothic feel to my general wardrobe. Unless the person I'm talking to is a Sensitive or otherwise aware, I doubt people think I'm much outside typical. Essentially since I'm not morbid, I don't think it's immediately obvious that many of my strengths and abilities lie in the twilight realms, of the transitions of death and life. My friends tell me I know what to do, but I suppose I needed to hear it from outside my own head.

One of these abilities is to find the souls who are caught in-between, often called ghosts, and cross them over to where they're going next. I will share some specific examples in future blogs. "Where" they're going will be quite a discussion in itself, as many, if not most, people are very concerned or afraid of it.

So here I am. To facilitate this part of the journey, ask questions so that I know what people want to hear about. I realize that I sometimes forget others don't have the same knowledge I do and I don't know how much I need to break things down for understanding.

Thank you dear readers, for being part of this journey with me.

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